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The Israeli Border Police

MAGAV protect Israel’s borders on a daily basis. These soldiers have only one set of tefillin to share between the unit. Empower these young police with physical and spiritual strength through the mitzvah of laying tefillin.


Protect the soldiers who protect Israel‘s borders

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On a visit to Israel, we were privileged to be taken to meet the Magav border police while on duty in Palestinian areas. At the tender age of 19 – 23 they carry heavy armour to protect Israel from attack. 

The young men derive great spiritual and physical strength from the laying of Tefillin before they go on a mission. As they mostly grew up in secular families they don’t have their own Tefillin and they only have ONE set between the entire unit.. We met with Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu – the Chief Rabbi of the Border Police and committed to supplying 101 sets of Tefillin from Australian families for these boys to have their own.

This is the gematria of the angel Michael who saved many Jews from Avraham in the fire and Sarah from Avimelech to Yitzchak from being sacrificed and Samuel. 

Rabbi Eli Gutnick from Melbourne has commissioned a sofer (scribe) to write the very highest quality Tefillin  (Mehudar) over the coming months. 

For donating a full Tefilin set: 

Your name will be:  

  • written in to the donor book at  Magav Headquarters 
  • embroidered inside the tefillin bag

You will receive: 

  • A magav kippa  
  • A certificate of recognition 
  • A tax deductible
  • receipt via email

Tefillin will be handed to the recipients by a friend or family member of your choice in a Magav Ceremony, to which you or a representative will be invited. 

Payment is being facilitated by Chag in a Box, who have kindly offered to handle the financial matters 

It certainly is!
You will be emailed a tax deductible receipt acknowledging your donation.

Endorsments from the Rabbis

Rabbi Eli Gutnick

Magav Project 101 – is very meaningful on many levels because not only does it relate to Israel and the security of Israel, it is also connected to Hashem and Yiddishkeit. You are empowering the soldiers by giving them the opportunity to do a very special mitzvah. Our sages tell us that the adornment of tefillin not only brings spiritual merit but also gives physical strength and courage. 

By participating in this project you are mixing the idea of the love of Israel and the security of Israel with serving Hashem and fulfillment of his mitzvot. It combines the love of Israel together with the love of Torah  and spirituality. 

Magav Project 101 affords you the opportunity to give these young soldiers a unique, extra power that they need and deserve. 

Rabbi Akivah Tatz - JLE London

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